The best restaurant POS system to grow your business

Numbers, operation, and customers in one powerful platform!

All numbers in your POS  matter

Act upon your numbers

Adapt your business according to specific  periodic sales reports.​

Speed average

Know exactly the time from placing an order, preparing it, receiving by waiters up until checking out.

Know all your numbers

Access your business sales, purchases, and reports on the go!

Customers in the picture!

Bye-bye Long waiting

clear the crowds. Preserve every customer by turning your lined bored customers into virtual waiters

Spoil them with promotion

attract customers by customizing discount to your business advantage

Turn customers to FANS

Reward customers with built-in loyalty program


Complex operation made easy!

Purchases requests

manage suppliers, ordering and receiving 

Purchases requests

manage suppliers, ordering and receiving 

Maximize your profit margins

Update cost and price according to specific recipe management

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