is a perfect solution to the problems you face in your retail store



Ease of use

A profile to each employee that keeps your business management easy and controllable. LazyWait is designed to be visually appealing, with clear layout pages, straight forward steps to get things done. It takes only one hour of training to master the LazyWait system.

Compact & Sleek design

 A modern looking system that will fit perfectly and complement your store style.  With a large all touch screen your employees can navigate and interact easily with LazyWait.

Stay posted with accurate reports

Information is what gives you the control over your business. LazyWait gives the power to manage your business in a modern way, and fix the weaknesses that exist. Using the LazyWait Admin application you can access your detailed reports from any where with your smart phone.


With the new government regulations in Saudi Arabia, businesses are required to fill their value added taxes regularly and accurately. LazyWait helps you as a business owner to be up to date with government regulations.

Low stock alert

You can set your alert to your store needs. Whether you want to be alerted when you product stock is 100 or 5 it is your choice. LazyWait makes you prepared to never let down your customers.

SAR 166.67 a month

*Payed annually


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